Hesin Glass Marketing Sdn Bhd

HESIN was incorporated in Malaysia in 1997 that has rapidly expanding into the domestic market as well as overseas markets through its own comprehensive marketing network. The company is able to face any challenge and with braving new horizons toward all business oppurtunities and always striving to be the BEST in glass trading industrial.

Coreproduct and services:

  • Hard Coated Reflective – high temperature, spotless and high-quality glass, use for modern building which emerges with higher requirements of environmental protection, saving energy and decoration, and technical progress.
  • Low-E Tempered – Also known as Low Emissivity Coated Glass. Glass used as doors and windows of building, refrigerators, super cars and ship etc.
  • Double Glazing – Office building, hospitals, hotels need with exceptionally high heating or cooling.
  • Low-E Coated – Ideally for windows & doors and curtain walls in cold climate.
  • Self-Cleaning – Building curtain walls, skylights, overpass roofs, protection hood for solar cells.
  • Tempered – also known as toughened glass, it use for places where safety glass is required to used by laws and regulations.
  • Laminated – completely sealing, under heat and pressure, multi layers of transparent tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film between two or more sheets of glass. Use for Skylight, canopy, showcase, automobile or ship, show windows and places with special requirements for bullet-proof or violence prevention.
  • Float – a distortion-free, virtually flat and transparent glass, for external use of windows, doors, shopfronts in offices, houses, shops, etc.
  • Mirror – Smilar to silver mirror, brown tinted color silver mirror, silkscreen silver mirror etc; use cosmetics, bath room medicine case, gift ware, furniture.

Address : No 1, Jalan Tukas 1, Taman Soga, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel :+(607) 432 6233, Fax: +(607) 432 6134
Website: http://www.hesinglass.com