Golden Pharos Glass Sdn Bhd (also known as GP Glass)

Golden Pharos Glass Sdn Bhd (GP Glass) – Manufacturer of Tempered and Bevel Glass, Double Glazed Glass, Decorative Glass. GP Glass is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Golden Pharos Berhad Group. Through the years, GP Glass has earned the distinction of being one of the leading manufacturers of modern glass in Malaysia. The company is committed to producing excellent quality products that conform to international standards. With a highly skillful team of craftmen using latest state-of-the art machinery, customers can always be assured of products that will meet exacting requirements. This commitment to excellent quality and innovation has enabled GP Glass to not only cater the Malaysian market but also to export its products worldwide.

Core Product and Usage

  • GP Tempered Safety Glass
  • – Frameless Tempered Glass Doors, Curtain Walls, Escalator Side Panels, Showcases, Shop Fronts, Balustrades, Shower Doors

  • GP Heat Strengthened Glass
  • – Windows, Curtain Walls, Shop Fronts, Balustrades

  • GP Laminated Safety Glass
  • – Skylights, Rooflights, Slope Glazing, Curtain Walls, Balustrades, Spandrel Glass, Greenhouse, Aquarium, Swimming Pools and Gymnasiums

  • GP Double Glazing Unit
  • – Hotels & buildings, especially those with high heating or cooling needs, Airport control towers, Laboratories and other buildings

  • GP Ceramic Painted Glass
  • – Bathroom Fittings, Doors and Sidelights, Furniture Shelves, Lead Lighting, Balustrades, Internal and External Claddings, Office and Home Partitions

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